The artisans of this achievement

(Click on the picture to get their coordinates)

They were not many, but all put the heart at work and have understood the spirit that we wanted to give to this House.

The first of their many qualities was envy that they all had to work at the former because nothing is customized in a renovation like this.

The second and not least is their ability to listen and transcript of our requirements as a work of great value, even if at the last moment we radically change what was agreed...
The third is an investment of all the moments that have made them a real force of proposal so that everything falls lean, at the lowest cost and the best quality whether
All this was not every day easy because as prime contractor we were more than 600 km and only the goodwill of artisans to send reports of the progress of the work imbue us helped us completely of work performed and possible changes.

A special mention to M ARNAUD whose still sound proposals and whose professionalism and quality of work were exemplary.
It has more without that have requested, assumed without fail the functions of head of construction and Coordinator, we in are found much more serene.

If you need good reliable and competent craftsmen, you will find their contact details by clicking on the picture as we recommend them to you.

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